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March 26, 2008

I am hosting a 1950s afternoon tea party at Costume Con 26 in San Jose, CA next month. I figured if I tweaked this dress a bit, it would work fine. I will also be giving a lecture that same day at the convention on the history of sewing patterns.

It is a dress from the fall by Isaac Mizrahi for Target (on the sale rack now). I figured if I changed the buttons and the belt. Maybe added a half apron, I would be ready to host tea. I would wear gloves, but it is hard to serve tea with gloves on. Any suggestions?

Based on your comments – how about this for accessory ideas? For those you want to know this is Vogue 9880 c. 1959

I can use this pattern from 1961 for the hat. It is off by a few years – but it is almost the same hat.

Regards, Oldpatterns
  1. It would look really cute with a navy-white polka dot belt and maybe the collar could be redone with the same fabric on top. Polka-dot fabric coved buttons would be cute, too.

  2. That’s adorable, and I think entirely suitable. Can you find one of those cute little 1950s hats? You know, the kind that were all netting and bows and really more decoration than hat?

    Instead a pearls an alternative might be the kind of button earrings popular in the 1950s.

    Red lipstick. White shoes and belt would be awesome, but so would red shoes and belt. Or grey.

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