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March 30, 2008

I made these spring-themed cotton pajamas from a 1950s pattern bought from Out of the Ashes. I took a picture of the pattern but the camera battery died before I could get it onto Flickr!

I am obsessed with vintage nightwear, housecoat, and robe patterns. Wearing pretty pajamas lends a little bit of elegance to those times when I’m not at my prettiest.

I wish the camera battery hadn’t died, because I wanted to take close-ups of all the neat little details there were on this pattern. The pants have a button closure at the waist instead of today’s lazy elastic waistband. And TWO rows of topstitching on almost every seam! I was really happy with how professional-looking it came out.

And check out the pants cuffs – that was a little idea of my own. I figured the PJs were matchy-matchy enough already, why not take it that extra mile?

Lastly, do you like my teacup prop? Ever notice how old loungewear patterns always show the illustrated model holding a cup, book, or hairbrush? Love those details.

  1. Adorable! I’m a huge fan of jammies and yours are to die for. I too like the little matching cuffs on the bottoms. Wonderful job!

  2. Those 50’s pajamas are great! I have two or three patterns myself, all with some unique details or characteristics. Would love to see a picture of the pattern. I think your choice of fabric was awesome! Thanks for posting.

  3. So cute. I love the coordinating cuffs on the pants; such a nice touch. Is the button closure as comfy as elastic? I made a pair of vintage “panties” (more like big shorts today) that had a button closure, and I would blow the button out every time I sat down…

  4. What wonderful fabric choices and beautiful results. The details are so neat. I especially enjoy the details and style obtained when using vintage patterns.

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