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Butterick B5032 – Results

March 3, 2008

Well I didnt get it finished for the ‘do’ but it did come in very handy for my college project so all is not lost. There were a few mishaps along the way and I had to take it in a bit but it got there in the end. I admit I’m not 100% happy with the skirt part and am probably going to narrow it but other than that I’m a very happy bunny!

  1. Such a sweet dress, and such a sweet photo! Are those rhinestones along the neckline? And will you invite me over for a strawberry malted served (with a bendy straw) in one of those fountain glasses behind you? 😀

  2. What a great dress. Super Inspirationa. You look so beautiful! I will try to make a vintage butterick soon..I hope it will look as good as yours.

  3. Super! I hope you wear pink often, it is dynomite on you. Your walls are pink! Amazing! Pink is my most favorite color of the rainbow (hehehe!)

  4. The color is a great choice for such a simple silhouette, and the rhinestones around the neckline are perfect. Love the photo, and the pink kitchen!

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