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April 1930’s Sewing ~ Artistic and Practical

March 5, 2008
Hi! My name is April and I adore the 1930’s…

… even more so do I love the 1930’s feedsack prints. They are my absolute favorite! In a fabric store or quilt shop I always gravitate towards the reproduction prints of that era. Call it a rut or whatever you like, but it is my fabric haven to just absorb the beauty of all those lovely prints.

With that said, if I can find a vintage pattern to fuel that retro creativity, I am in sewing HEAVEN!

Okay, so vintage sewing is my passion… To help fund that passion, I have a website ( where I specialize in vintage Singer Featherweight 221 and 222K sewing machines and they’re accessories. Afterall, if I’m going to create with vintage fabric, using a vintage pattern, it delights my vintage born-in-the-wrong-era-being to sew on a vintage machine!

Awhile ago I made (from the pattern above) a little blouse for my daughter, but I took it one step further when I used one of the most rare Singer Attachments to attach some middy braid ~ a Singer Style-O-Matic Attachment (click for more illustrations of what all this tiny metal contraption does!)

Anyway… thank you for letting me join your blog and to be a part of such retro-sewing-ness!
  1. that blouse is so sweet! my boys want me to make them retro print shirts but I’m not confident enough yet, well done!

  2. I myself have a feather weight
    machine. Grew up sewing on one. I
    have never seen an attachment like
    that..very interesting.

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