Vintage Sewing


January 19, 2008

Hi Everyone! New here! Its so great to see all the vintage patterns being used – and the stories behind them! Ive always loved vintage and period clothing. It tells us so much about how life was before mass consumerism! (Not that I dont shop for clothes on the cheap myself, but I appreciate so much more the silhouettes and craftsmanship of days gone by)

This is a dress I made a while back from an old Butterick pattern. I wear it a lot and it saved me last summer on a hot New Jersey vacation day! The fabric is cotton with a”retro” print. I think it would make up better in a nice rayon and maybe I’ll make a little black dress with it one of these days………

I mainly make custom clothing for others, so I dont often get to sew for myself anymore. I collect vintage patterns and have a little line of tribal/fusion belly dance clothing!


  1. the skirt, it is beautiful.

    (help me, I’ve started speaking LOLCAT).

    I have an extremely tattered, incomplete skirt pattern from that era with that “fishtail” sort of back. swishy.

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