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Twin Frox

December 29, 2007

Egged on by the incredibly prolific Moggy, I tried out New Look 6557 not once but twice. Usual alterations – many inches of extra bodice and hem length. The first is a light vintage seersucker with polka dots, the second is matchy-matchy with the bolero I made and posted about a week or two ago. Not only that but it’s my first ever attempt at piping, inspired by Nora and her amazing black frock with fierce jungle beasts all over it. Please enjoy my awkward modelling poses.

Egads, is this a great pattern. It’s been stinking hot round here lately and I’ve not worn anything else. I love that they look a bit haltery at the front but are cunningly conventional in back.

And the funniest thing was when I put on the matchy-matchy bolero/frock combo, my beloved said “You look like you were made from a kit.” Excellent.

  1. Gorgeous! I love the polkadots, and the piping (not so bad to work with, is it?). And I forgot to post how much I LOVE the bolero.

    I love haltery patterns but it’s good when you can wear a normal bra underneath – best of both worlds.

  2. They are beautufil,and the Christmas dresses for your girls are stunning….I can’t believe they are all yours,you’re so tiney!!!

  3. Ain’t it the best pattern? And I agree, ace for the superhot weather we have been having – I too have been living in mine. Hmm, I think I have to make another one forthwith!

    All hail Kitty for finding that pattern!

  4. I love the piping! I have made 2 of these (and one shirt from it), but I can't get the upper bodice to fit like yours! Maybe I"m just too big 🙁

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