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November 1, 2007
My daughter Makaela, who is 12, had been hounding me to make her a cape for her winter coat this year. She got into my stash and found some red fleece, which she deemed “perfect!” for the project. So it turns out she wanted it for Halloween night, and I had to get going yesterday afternoon. I whipped this out in about 2 hours. I think the pattern, also in my stash, was actually the one I used for my high school prom dress and cape about 500 years ago (ok, maybe it was only 30).

She went as Little Red Riding Hood, obviously. But she plans to wear this as her winter coat, so we will probably add some kind of closures eventually. This fleece was so easy — no hem, no seam finishes (although I did do a wide zigzag down the front and on a few of the seams just to finish it off). It would have been a great first project for Makaela if we hadn’t been under such a time crunch . . .

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