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Advance 7956 (AKA Dancing bribery)

November 20, 2007

Yes, my Mom bribed me to dance. It was at a Lutheran youth retreat. She said she would buy me a pattern and fabric if I danced. So I did of course! (I hate dancing) Y’all will say that anyone who likes dresses should enjoy dancing. Bad me.

I found this pattern on Ebay. Yay!

I combined the two views so it would have the longer sleeves and the cool gathered side pannels. The skirt is way more than a full circle. The pattern suggests wearing many petticoats. If I had many petticoats I would wear them (if I had a party or some such craziness to go to…) How many “young adults” get invited to parties they could wear such a dress to? Oh yeah. I should go to dances. I’m home schooled. There aren’t any dances to go to. Even if there were… I wouldn’t want to go! Gah!
You can sorta see the side panels in the close-up.

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