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Hello, I’ve arrived.

October 9, 2007

Hi all. Thanks for letting me participate in the Sew Retro blog. I have always loved vintage frocks, sewing and fashion and really admire the immense creativity in blogland, particularly on this one.

My first couple of frocks where my first forays into sewing up some vintage patterns. I hope that you like them.

  1. That blue dress is BEAUTIFUL! Would you consider putting the pattern on Flicker to share? It is much nicer than the drawing on the pattern.

    Both dresses are very, very well done. Congrats on the good work, and I look forward to seeing more of your projects.

  2. That satin dress is awesome! I like that detail on the front.
    I also like how your first pattern looks to be 1970s and your result has kind of a 1940s feel to it. Great job on both!

  3. OMG, talk about bringing back memories! My grandma made Butterick 4100 for me for an 8th grade dance in Burgundy satin with little ivory rosettes. I know I kept this dress for at least 25 yrs, but I think it might have gotten tossed in the last purge. Dang….and the burgundy platforms that went with it were the best! Thanks for posting this!

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