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Time at last

August 24, 2007

Hi All, I love this blog. I’ve been reading it, and Dress-a-day for a few months and enjpy seeing all the wonderful projects. When I am stressed out I find it very relaxing to waste time on the web looking at great vintage style clothes.

Mom taught me to sew as a very young girl, and at various times in my life my big-ol’ sewing monster, a green Elna (nearly 50 yo, and still chugging away), has been quite prolific. I worked in a fabric shop for a while and got a nice collection of patterns. I donated most of the over-the-top 1980’s styles to Goodwill the last time I moved, a move I will probably regret someday- especially when I see them for sale for a gazillion dollars on eBay!

As years went by, between a hectic career in advertising, and then graduate school, I still accumulated toward my “Stash,” but haven’t done much sewing for a number of years. Sew Retro has inspired me to get back into sewing, and now I have a new position as a professor of art and some free time at last! My goal is to complete a project every month.

My first project is a pattern for a dress that my oldest sister wore to her high school prom in 1975. The fabric is “vintage” in the fact that I bought it in a bargain bin for a buck at this crazy fabric shop, and it had probably been in there for at least a decade. I only had a yard and a half, and tonight managed to fanagel the pieces to fit and got it cut out (on the bias!) Hope to get it sewn up over the weekend, if my sewing skills are not too rusty.

So I am very glad to be here, and will post a photo as soon as I get my scanner hooked up.

  1. Welcome!

    I can’t wait to see your dress. I’m loving the return of ’70s fashion (esp with an updated, ’07 appeal).

  2. Hey…
    I got a green Elna too!
    circa 1955.
    It has a special place in my heart; while I actually look forward to kicking to death this 16 stitch Kenmore “back-up machine” one of these days. Then I can legitimately sally forth and buy a new machine.
    This Kenmore, ¡Ay que cojones!

  3. Anna, we must have the same machine! My mom bought it when she was pregnant with my sister. I have been drooling over the new digital machines. I HATE putting in buttonholes, and I want a machine that will do it at the push of a button. But the green monster just won’t quit, and I can’t justify the $1000 for a new one.

    I also noticed you are an illustrator, as am I, so we have a lot in common. Oh, but I love to fold laundry.

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