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August 15, 2007

Lookee, I done made something else:

Mercifully, not the pedal-pushers. The shirt, people!

This shirt makes me feel so full of sass! I wanna go give some lip like Rizzo from Grease. Strut. Just need a bullet bra and a posse of sassy gals. (That’s the Sew Retro wasp-waisted army, right?)

I always wondered how those 50s sleeves were constructed – the tapered ones that magically pushed up to a pleasingly crumpled three-quarter length. I’m happy to have learnt how they do it: three little darts in the sleeve, plus a slightly different shape to the front and back pieces. Very cunning and unlike anything I’ve seen in modern patterns.

  1. That is Just Fantastic! And the best part? I have that pattern! Well, its a bust 32, and I’m not, but I’m gonna give it a whirl.

    It looks great on you, Rizzo!

  2. I have that pattern, too! It’s my second sewing priority, after the skirt I’m making this week. However, mine is a bust 30, while I am a bust 34 . . . so I’ll have to resize the pattern before I can sew it.

    I’m thrilled to see it made up!

  3. Hi all, I have B36 – if you want to refer to a bigger size, let me know. I added 2.25″ to the length like always but otherwise used pattern exactly as is. I’m definitely making up the short sleeve one next. Might even drop a bundle o’ cash on some Liberty lawn. That’s how good I’m feeling about this here pattern!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s versions.

  4. Oooh, she’s saucy! I always wonder if I should bother with those three darts in the sleeve, but you are right that they do make a diffence. Nice collar jooj up too!

    (Hey, I can put you in touch with a seller of bullet bras y’know, nudge nudge)

  5. that is a great shirt, will have to start browsing vintage patterns again now that I’m back to sewing! Wonderful job, if I ever find a wasp waist under the baby flab I will join your posse!

  6. Well, I can’t wasp waist either, but I guess I’d like to be Frenchie, and be the big, beautiful Easter egg at the dance, just in case we have to RSVP this! LOL!

  7. I just got this pattern ok price on etsy. Seems nobody can ever get the right size, well maybe mine is close to it, I think I'm bust 30 and I got it in 32, but I kinda like the pedal pushers with it so the waist might be right size for me in this one, but I'm a wee beginner and not making pants, prolly wouldn't tackle this blouse for a long while either so I'm just holding it in my collection for now. But yeah makes me think of Grease, but then I think the pedal pushers completes that look totally and some cat eye shades.

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