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Simplicity 2389 – A Wearable Muslin?

August 13, 2007
I recently purchased this 1948 Simplicity dress pattern on ebay.

The pattern description is as follows:
Misses’ and Women’s One-Piece Dress: the bodice, seamed down the center front, is styled with a V neckline. The shoulder yoke, cut in one with the cap sleeves, releases soft front gathers. The gored skirt falls in an easy flare.

I wanted to try out the pattern with some inexpensive fabric first, so used a thrifted bed sheet. I don’t know what it is about green and/or blue roses, but I an inexplicably attracted to them.

The dress went together really quickly, but I’m not sure if the bed sheet dress is presentable out in public. My boyfriend calls it the von Trapp children’s play clothes. What do you think?

  1. Faaaaaaaaabulous! Very publicly presentable. You’ll start conversations with people who recognise the sheets.

    Amazing that genetic engineers have been working on blue roses for years and years with no success… all they have to do is raid your stash!

  2. I love the cheerful fabric for this dress. Most 40s frocks seem to be made up in drab colours, this is so much nicer. Wear it proudly!

  3. I’d wear it in public, and at least with a sheet you’ll not be worried about spilling coffee or food on it as the fabric didn’t set you back that much! Great job!

  4. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know and assume it’s a really nice tightly woven cotton. Some bedsheet are better cotton than fabric you can buy on the bolt anyway.

    I’d say wear it with pride – it turned out beautifully!

  5. Speaking as someone who is about to turn some curtains into dresses, I think it’s fabulous! Rock on with your bedsheets.

  6. OMG, I’m laughing hysterically at the Von Trapp comment. How funny! But I agree with everyone else. I think it is definitely wearable!! The print adds to the vintage-ness of the dress.

  7. I gaped at it in awe thinking “THAT’S a bedsheet?” It’s beautiful!! Wear it out in public and watch people’s amazement when you say, “I made this from a thrifted bedsheet.”

    I thought the Von Trapp dresses were made from the curtains?

  8. That it absolutely wearable! Esp if you can manage to keep yourself in a perpetual spin so that the skirt swings out like in your top picture. And you have accessorized perfectly!

  9. That is so beautiful, why can’t I find bedsheets like that? The only ones I find in thrift stores are polyester and have suspect stains.

  10. I agree with everyone, please wear it out! A lovely summery dress, love the blue accessories with it. Now I gotta find that pattern – it would be my !!first!! vintage piece. You’re inspiring!

  11. Lovely! Very nice shape and I agree the fabric is adorable. But then again I have also made clothes from curtains… if I could get my hands on such a lovely sheet I would make a dress from it for sure!

  12. Remember that Scarlett O’Hara fashioned a lovely frock from drapes and in the same spirit would have used cotton linens in summer.

    I have tons of vintage muslin sheets purchased for pennies and purchased with the intent of dyeing them. The high thread count wears like iron!

    Enjoy your beautiful creation and let others keep their “trapp” shut.

  13. I LOVE it! Who would ever know its a bed sheet? Now if you had chosen a sheet with a Barbie print on it, we would probably all guess what it’s first life was.

    I also made a dress from a sheet and my husband was unsure about it, but never has anyone guessed what is was (and I don’t tell).

  14. I have a dress made from old barkcloth curtains… It took a bit of extra strength the first morning I wore it out, but I quikcly got over any worries.

    Also, I have a pattern for a wrap dress with that same sleeve detailing. It’s my next project.

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