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August 26, 2007

I love this blog and have kept up with it for awhile. I got into sewing because I couldn’t get the vintage clothes I wanted for prices I could afford off eBay. Well, thankfully, my Mom wasavailable to help me get started and even had a year dold sewing machine in the garage that one of my little sisters bought a couple of years ago ad didn’t take with her years ago. That sewing machine has now taken over my deask. Thankfully, I use a laptop or I’ve no idea whether I could sew.

I’m a librarian and college student and given that classes start up again tomorrow, I don;t suppose I’ll have much time for sewing for quite awhile. This is my last semester, so I just need to focus on the end of the road and try to avoid getting bogged down. I completed a couple of dresses during the week and worked on this ensemble today.

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and here’s the pattern for the top. The blouse came from Walmart and I made the skirt from Simplicity 4047.

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