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Summery Linen Skirt (with pockets!)

July 19, 2007

The weather here in the last little while has been hot. Some even mention the words “heat wave”. It makes it hard to go up into the hot upstairs of my house, where the sewing room is located — but yesterday I managed to sweat through the sewing of this skirt.

It’s a 1978 McCall’s skirt pattern found at VV. I liked the simple lines…..and the front pockets! Looking at the pattern illustration, I didn’t understand how the side seam worked. Once I brought out the pattern pieces I realized that there are no side pieces, only back panels that wrap around to meet the front. This is also the seam where the pockets are inserted.

I made it up in a baby blue and lemon yellow linen (the linen also thrifted from VV). Nice and flowing and cool.

I’m not very fond of hemming, and really wanted to wear this skirt today to work so I ran two parallel lines of straight stitch about a half inch from the bottom, and then picked out the horizontal threads to leave a frayed edge.

  1. I agree the frayed hem works with the fabric and the style of the skirt…looks like the fit is really good too. Nice.

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