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July 13, 2007


Been a bit of busy sewing bee the last week, 2 skirts and a dress done … which I believe covers each decade of 1950-70!

First up a Butterick a line skirt with ties for a faux wraparound. I left out all the top-stitching on the waistband and brought the ties round to the front as it’s more my thing. But I am very happy with this. It is vintage polyester material from ebay (UK).

Second up an Advance pattern for an 8 gore circle skirt. I really love this pattern it is so easy and quick to make up although I did have to shorten the pieces 6.5 inches (with a 1 inch hem) to get it to this length.

The fabric is a cotton with pink roosters on, and guess where it came from! Yup, but .com this time!
And to finish, a McCalls dress.

The fabric is a pink crimpoline (cos what else would you make a mod dress from?!) which is from *cough*addict*cough* ebay. And whilst I am pretty darn proud of my construction of it, I do not like it on me. From the side my boobs look huge, which they probably are, but for some reason cleavage is okay but huge side profile lumps aren’t!

I have made enough of this type of dress to know it just doesn’t work on me, and thanks to the person (names are not my forte I’m afraid) who suggested cutting on the bias but I think I shall stick to dresses with a bodice and skirt now. I am thinking of putting this up on Etsy …anyone know if that’s a good idea?

Well I attempted to make this a short-ish post but please click on the various links for detail pictures and make the pictures themselves larger if you like. I’m off on my summer hols for two weeks and look foreword to catching up with this group on my return 🙂

P.S apologies for the mysterious font changes, blogger seems to dislike me atm.

  1. The skirts are very cute! I think the problem with the dress is there is no waist definition which is one of the reasons I rarely make sixties dresses – they are a really hard style to wear. I’m all for curve accentuation so I love those fifties styles – and funnily enough seventies too, if you look past the lurid colours some of them have similar shapes to forties and fifties dresses.

  2. Moggy, that’s what I am definately doing now. But this (and the other ‘problem’ patterns) were some of the first I bought and I haven’t been sewing long so it’s just a bit of a learning curve 🙂

  3. Yes, sometimes you’ve just got to try them out. That’s one of the frustrating things about sewing – you can’t see what it looks like until you’ve made it. It’s good if you can try something similar on in the shops… but they don’t, which is one of the reasons we sew! And thanks to eBay you could sell them again – or try swapping them on livebird’s fab patternswap thingy on flickr!

  4. Your skirts look great. I too share your weakness for, as well as incompatibility with, the mod sheath dress. They really only look good if you are built straight up and down. Try an empire cut, like the 60’s reprint Simplicity 3833. It is more flattering if you have curves, but still very mod.

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