1. Wow, great dress, I love the polka dots and those shoes look great with it. You look like a classic movie star.

  2. I’m curious…the pattern picture shows a fuller skirt, which of course is due to a petticoat or crinoline, but is the sewn dress roomy enough to put a crinoline underneath? I love these old patterns, but am alway disappointed that they are not as full as pictured.

    Lovely dress and shoes, regardless!

  3. Hi Jane,

    In the picture there is a slim skirt as well as a fuller skirt. It looks like Kitty has made the slim version.

  4. Lovely!

    Kitty, I’m also buying that Vogue pattern you used for the picnic and cherry dresses on your site. I would have never bought that one if I hadn’t seen the perfectly lovely vintage-look dresses you made from it, thanks.

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