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My Mother’s Stash!

June 3, 2007

My mother’s downsizing from a 3000+ s.f. home to a townhouse, and in her efforts to downsize she’s getting rid of lots and lots of stuff. Quite fortunately, I am the lucky recipient. She shares a love of vintage patterns and crafts with me and had amassed quite a beautiful collection of vintage craft magazines, books and sewing patterns over the years through swaps, garage sales and other avenues.

She visited our family this weekend and brought with her four Rubber-maid tubs of craft materials including yarn, fabric and patterns. There must be close to 70 or 80 patterns ranging in date from the late thirties to the early nineties. I’ve picked three for Sew Retro but posted more on my blog here.

Isn’t this one lovely? I love its softness and its ultra-feminine style. It looks too complicated for me to sew, and I’m not certain I’d wear something quite this feminine though I really do love that aspect of the dress.

I love this dress and it very well may be my favorite wearable option of the bunch. I love the neckline, the full skirt, the pockets and the pert sleeves. It’s just so pretty and simple at the same time.

I might give this jumper a whirl, though it would definitely require resizing. I like its simple clean lines and its cute side buttons. I could imagine myself wearing it to the office, and then meeting my family for a concert and picnic in the park.

  1. Oh I LOVE that first Simplicity dress pattern you posted. Looks like you’re going to be having some fun sewing.

  2. Wow, I love each of them, but that first one is wnderful. I just love the styling, although I think you’re right that’s its seriously complex and would be really hard to get right.

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