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Intro and McCalls 6908

June 27, 2007
Hi Everyone! It’s my first post here so I thought I’d share my favorite vintage pattern. I inherited a lot of patterns from my grandma. Unfortunately she was a lot smaller than me but they still provide great inspiration.
I’m really fascinated by the sleeves on this one. You can see in the diagram below that the sleeve is a sort of set-in/raglan hybrid. The date on the pattern is 1963. It’s so chic. I just love it.
  1. Chic is definately correct … but how moody does the woman in white look!

    Sometimes I seriously consider making myself into a bust 32/34 person just so I can buy some of these cute patterns .. but I don’t actually think my frame goes that small (or so I tell myself lol!)

  2. Wow, I remember my mother having tons of patterns like these…she used to make all her clothes and mine and my sister’s too! She taught me to sew (40 years ago!). She no longer does it herself though.

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