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May 7, 2007

I bought this dress pattern a while ago.

And I finished the dress also a while ago too. The problem is that I hate making button holes. I don’t have an automatic buttonhole on my sewing machine. Well I finely came up with a solution. Sew the buttons on the front and use snaps to keep the dress close.
It came out pretty good. What do you think?

(The lump is the pocket)

  1. I had an old White that didn’t have a button-hole feature and I did the snap thing for years and years and years. Snaps really are a life-saver, aren’t they?

    I like your interpretation of the pattern. Looks very summery!


  2. I love the shoes! A girl after my own heart! Why do it the hard way when there is an easier one!

  3. I just pick up a bunch of these Hollywood Patterns. Did you find them easy to sew?

    Looks great by the way.

  4. I love it! Seeing yours made me revisit a Hollywood pattern very like yours that I’d crumpled up in frustration (the dress, not the pattern). I also used snaps and hook and eyes rather than buttons – makes it lay nice and flat – although next time I may supplement with bound button holes. I have a deathly fear of my buttonhole attachment but make a decent large bound buttonhole by hand.

  5. I sew on an old Singer and for years avoided patterns with buttons, or used alternative means, because I had a fear of the old buttonhole attachment. Then one day, spurred on by peptalks from women on vintage machine sites, I gave the buttonholer a try. It was easy, fun to watch, and made buttonholes just as great looking as the ones made by mom’s fancy computerized machine. It takes a bit more practice to get everything lined up, but it works like I charm and I can’t believe now all the time I wasted. I have two shirt dressed in my current queue of projects!

  6. I guess like everything else when you sew, its just one step at a time.

    I too had a fear of buttonholes until I tried them, and like Anonymous, was fasinated by how quick and easy they were.

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