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A Sewing Project Finished

May 15, 2007

Well I wasn’t going to blog this, as I have a stack of “real” vintage patterns/fabric all waiting to be sewed up, but I have gotten so many retro aimed comments about it I thought why not.

Plus it actually makes me feel like I’ve achieved something this month ….been so busy with exams and manically itching to sew something, it is driving me crazy! So I caved and finished this up at the weekend, its from the Simplicity “it’s so easy” range, and it is … comes together right before your eyes. It ended up a fair bit longer than I thought it would, but I like it and I think it adds to the retro-ness.

Here’s to hoping with my last exam on thursday I will be sewing feverishly before I know it 😀
  1. This only gets to show that those Easy patterns can turn out really cute! Your dress is lovely. Good luck with your exams.

  2. oh wow! This is a gorgeous dress hun, would it please be possible to get the pattern number so I can try and locate it over here?

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