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thank god it’s spring!

April 15, 2007

Up here in Ithaca, NY, the weather keeps teasing us. I’ll leave the house one morning bundled up in jeans and sweaters, and find the day so sunny and beautiful I wish I’d worn a skirt and sandals. My thoughts turn to summer clothes, and then within a day or two it starts snowing again.

So, on the eve of another snowstorm (they’re predicting a foot by morning) I present my Yay Spring! dress. I actually cut out the fabric for it during the last few warm days of fall. It’s a shirt dress (Simplicity #4147) made of black cotton(?) with red buttons and red detail stitching. I used a rayon thread for the stitching; it’s very shiny and really stands out. And pockets! I love the pockets. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a dress with useful pockets.

My husband kindly modeled the dress while I took the picture. He’s giving his best fashion model vacant stare. What a good sport!

shirt dress

I love this dress and I expect I’ll make more like it. Unfortunately, while I was trying it on, my dog (the one sleeping so innocently in the photo) stole the pattern and ripped it to shreds! McCall’s patterns were on sale today, so I plan to try McCall’s 5378 for my next shirt dress.

  1. Hehe the last part about your dog made me laugh. I hope you manage to find a suitable alternative at McCall’s! The dress looks amazing. Why didn’t you wear it and get your hubby to photo you in it? Take care.

  2. Cute spring dress! sure wish I could get my hubby to model my garments! And my dog has shredded more patterns than I care to admit to.

  3. Love the dress! Love the dog! Looks just like MY dog! Hpw fun is that. I have picks on my blog. See what you think! SewObsessed.

  4. Oh dear god! Is that 2:41am on your clock? No wonder the dog is asleep and your husband’s stare is vacant!

    Go to bed!

    (And I should know, my worst sewing disasters occur after midnight.)

  5. Love the dress! My dog has been known to, well, piddle on patterns. I think he’s jealous of the time I spend sewing…

  6. Thanks for the laugh! Your husband is hysterical! Sorry to hear about the pattern…the dress looks wonderful! Dena

  7. Well he’s got the stare down, but I’m not sure if the dress is his style. I’m sure it looks fantastic on you!

  8. There are many home-use products available now to get rid of unwanted body hair…(how could I resist?)
    Great dress, though!

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