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March 24, 2007

Here are images of two of the patterns I was excited to use in this sew-along. They are sized perfectly for me, still in factory folds, and how cool and retro they are too. I love the clever details, and they are made with real old-fashioned construction techniques. I saw the Valentino in a crisp silk, and the Bill Blass as more of a day dress.

I saw ‘was’ because in the last two weeks my life has gone totally down the toilet. (let’s just say my boyfriend’s teenage intern had something to do with it) I vow that I will rise again — hopefully while mod, 60s fashions are still ‘in’— and sew these suckers though… Just you wait!

  1. Hang in there! I find the sewing very therapeutic, and the times when my life has been in the greatest disarray are when I turned out the most dresses. I made 3 in 1 week last january after my BF and I broke up!

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