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Which Challenge Was This Again?

January 27, 2007

This may have been the Novemeber Challenge extended to January, I’m not sure..
Make something from a ‘current retro pattern’ so – behold Simplicity Pattern No. 4044, 1940’s suit. I’ve only managed to run up a pair of pants so far, and they are incredibly comfy!

I had to adjust the darts on the waistband as my waist isn’t as narrow as the pattern, but they’re a good fit. I was having a good old moan the other day about not being able to find any nice fabric locally. I’d really love to make the short sleeved pant suit for summer and will have to do a thorough fabric search, something with abstract flowers I think 😉

These pants will be great for jiving in, I just need to make a few cotton shirts that tie at the waist now…

  1. I love them – they remind me of Katherine Hepburn and the Aviator (terrible movie – great clothes)…you look really great in them…sewing those edges must have been difficult though!

  2. those are great, well done! I love that pattern and will one day get around to making stuff for it, I got out fabric for the shirt and never got around to doing it!

  3. I’ve been looking for trousers like this in the shops but can never find a pair for someone my height (they seem to assume everyone is 6ft!). So finally gave in and ordered this pattern. Great to know they ‘work’. Are they easy to sew? (I’ve only made one dress and numerous hats so far.)

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