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Vintage Vogue 2934 (1950 Jacket)

January 7, 2007

This is from a current Vintage Vogue pattern (2934) for a 1950’s jacket. The jacket is actually quite simple to make, however it is a bit time consuming as the lining is entirely hand sewn. The fabric flower was made from scraps of vintage kimono and a wool blend felt. The instructions from Threads magazine #128.

It was a fun project to work on. This one is black wool with a lilac satin lining. I plan on looking for a beautiful piece of velvet or silk to make another one to have one hand for “special” occasions.

  1. Congratulations on finishing it. It looks wonderful. I hate hand sewing so I really admire that you completed it and it looks great.

  2. I’ve been waiting on someone else to make this first. Thanks! It looks beautiful and the color of the lining sounds great.

  3. that looks fabulous, well done! I have this pattern and the idea of all that hand sewing puts me off a bit, perhaps I will get up the nerve one day!

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