wrap dress

Rayon is perhaps my favorite fabric to sew with! Love it! And it’s absolutely perfect for 40s dresses!

When I saw this fabulous tropical printed rayon in the garment district in LA, I knew it had to be a 40s tiki dress! And I promptly bought 7 yds. lol.

I used Eva Dress 3863 from 1943. It’s a daring wrap dress and it’s available as a multisize pattern!


I did view 2! It turned out so lovely!

I really love this fabric! More photos and construction details over on the blog!

P.S. These photos are from a modeling shoot with a professional so that’s why there’s watermarks.


5May 2013 4

This pattern has been sitting in my pattern stash for at least a year (probably longer). I fell in love with the violet dress on the front as soon as I saw it, but the only problem was that I just couldn’t seem to find the right coloured fabric! It needed to be a violet wrap dress. No other colour would do. Needless to say, I found the right fabric a few weeks ago, but guess what? It’s actually cotton quilt backing! I know, I’m such a rebel.

The best thing about buying quilt backing for a project? You get twice the amount of fabric for the same price because it’s folded over double on the bolt. You really can’t lose folks.

5May 2013 5

While the dress itself was relatively simple to make up, I spent so much time on hand sewing I could cry. I really really didn’t want to lose the clean lines down the front of the dress by top stitching my facings in place by machine, and so I did it all by hand. If I didn’t know how to do an invisible hand stitch before, I sure do now. But just look at that hand stitching! Oh wait, you can’t…

5May 2013 6

I also added some purple hem lace to the front line of the skirt. This was actually lace left over from our wedding and I still have a bunch of it in all sorts of happy colours. I really love the result and think my next few garments will probably all have lace detailing of some kind on them.

Last but not least, I swapped out the arm facings for bias binding. I have a tutorial on how to make your own bias binding here and will have a tutorial on replacing arm facings with bias binding on my blog on Friday!

A little bit more on my blog here :)

xx Jen


I made this dress using a vintage floral cotton that was given to me. I also used a vintage sewing pattern that I acquired for free: Simplicity 8827.

So this dress was essentially made for free, except for the cost of thread.

I made a few adjustments to the pattern (neckline, waist and length), but the overall style is the same.

If you are interested, more details, pictures and information at my blog.


When I was putting together my Spring/Summer plan involving this dress, I mistakenly referred to it as the Leopard Wrap Dress. Except it’s cheetah print, and the dress is a mock wrap! MY BAD.

Cheetah Wrap Dress
Whatever, I like it anyway :)

I used Simplicity 6268, which I believe is from the 70s (don’t have the envelope in front of me and I can’t find a copy online, so if anyone knows the exact date, please let me know!). The fabric is some class of poly – very drapey and does not wrinkle at all! It was given to me by my best friend’s grandmother after she cleaned out her sewing room – for all I know, it may be vintage as well :)

Cheetah Wrap Dress
I did not make any adjustments – the bust had enough ease so it fit fine. I did change the way the ties go on – instead of sewing 2 at the sides to tie in the back, I sewed them together to make one long tie and did not attach it to the dress. I think tying it in the front makes it look more like a wrap dress, plus, I can wear it with other belts if I feel so inclined :)

Cheetah Wrap Dress
Proof it’s not a wrap dress – there’s a zipper!

Cheetah Wrap Dress
I am really happy with how this dress turned out – really comfortable and fun to wear, and the pattern was super fast to make up! I think it’ll be a great transitional piece for upcoming seasons :)

As always, more info & pictures at my blog, lladybird.

Thanks for looking!