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Vogue 8686

By on April 10, 2012

A recent sustainability themed industry day at school had me transforming the legs off a pair of leather pants into a 1930s peplum, and trim for a sporty topper…

I used the Vintage Vogue reprint V8686, and Wearing History’s sporty toppers, view 3.  The fabric was given to me by an elderly lady, and the shoes and bag came from an op shop.  The dress was a little challenging – in a good way – with lots of design features.  I read, and followed, the instructions carefully so the dress came together very well.  I am not sure of the fabric’s composition, but it was easy to sew, and didn’t seem to get very creased.

I love these outfits, which are so obviously from another era…not just “retro” styled.  And I do love hats…

I have more pictures at my place – feel free to drop by…I do love your feedback 🙂

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