Vintage 40s Style Halter Tops

By on March 13, 2015

40s Vogue halter topsI have recently been doing LOTS of sewing for a charity store where I volunteer as a seamstress & these two upcycled vintage scarf halter tops were made using instructions in an original 1940s Smart Accessories booklet in the Vogue Knit series of publications. The black halter top was made from a plain vintage silk scarf & I added a 1950s brooch (I stitched a small section of lingerie foam onto the backof the V neck to support it); the Rome halter top is made from a vintage acetate souvenir scarf with satin ribbons stitched to waistline & neckline.  In fact, I have been sewing so many upcycled scarf projects lately that I realise I absolutely MUST buy an overlocker before too long as it is so difficult neatening the edges of silky scarves … I am going to the Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC in Birmingham next weekend & will be checking out the various brands xx  More of my vintage sewing projects on my blog here 

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