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Simplicity 3345 redux – Some vintage maternity wear for the Vintage Pattern Pledge

By on February 23, 2015

Hey there! It’s been a hot minute since I had a sewing project to share with you all, but today I’ve got my first finished project of the year to show you! It’s actually also my first finished project for the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge of 2015, AND as just a little icing on the cake, it’s also a 100% pure stash-buster. I did not make any further financial expenditures for this project. Every single thing on it, from the fabric to the notions (and the pattern) was stuff that I already owned. While it’s not “technically” true, I am telling myself that this dress was consequently a “FREE” dress, which makes it even better and totally fits in with my attempts at stash busting and project budgeting this year. All good things.

Anyway, this is the second version of Simplicity 3345, the first of which can be seen here.

I made a couple of minor changes, mostly taking the side seams in slightly, in order to get a little better fit on this one. I think by rights I probably should have done a full bust adjustment as well to get the fit really perfect, but that’s more work than I wanted to put in on something I was only going to wear for a couple of months (and be changing sizes the whole time anyway). I shortened the hem (from the pattern length) by about 5 or 6 inches, so it hits me just at the bottom of my knee like the illustration. I’m not all that short, and even with a three inch hem allowance you’d have to be 5’10” for this to hit you where it does in the illustration. I intended on getting pictures of this one on myself so you could see how it looks on a legitimately pregnant human, but my husband is never up during daylight hours and the tripod is broken, so Tabitha will have to suffice yet again.

The bow is actually a pin that goes on the playsuit from which I scavenged the red fabric (it was from the skirt portion of the playsuit, which I think I maybe wore once and decided needed to be put to better use), so I can move it around, which is fun. It looks pretty cute at the neck, too. The back sash pieces don’t perfectly line up with the front since I was working with the width of the previous skirt’s ties, but my usually super anal retentive self was ok with it because I was doing some awesome stash busting/recycling.

You can see where I had to piece the ties to get the length I needed for this, since the skirt ties were much shorter. I hand-picked the zip like I normally do, since it’s actually one of my favorite bits of hand finishing. I think they just look so much nicer, too. The zipper and waist elastic were also things I had in my stash already, which is why I went with a bright red zipper instead of a matching one, but I think bright zippers can be fun sometimes anyway.

Just so you can get an idea of what these dresses look like on a real person, here is a picture of version 1 from Derby two years ago. I was about 36 or 37 weeks.

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Simplicity 5489 – my second #vintagepledge of five

By on December 9, 2014
Simplicity 5489

Simplicity 5489

I finished my second Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge back in September, but still have three more to complete by the end of the year…unlikely! I won’t beat myself up about it though, because I’ve hugely enjoyed playing host to such fun challenge and I love how my Simplicity 5489 turned out!

Simplicity 5489

Simplicity 5489

This is a simple little pattern with three different back views to choose from and an A-line skirt. My favourite detail is the keyhole back I went for, with the sweet little bow detail. My second favourite detail Simplicity 5489 has to offer is the skirt. I love how flattering an A-line shape can be, skimming the hips without the bulky waist of a gathered skirt. This pattern offers the best of both worlds though, with gentle gathers either side of the centre front skirt.

Simplicity 5489

The neckline and back are finished with a facing, but I skipped the armhole facings and opted to finish them with bias strips instead. Shock horror, I even lined the skirt! I’m usually too lazy and can get away with it for fuller skirts, but this shape would have clung to tights like no one’s business.

Simplicity 5489

Simplicity 5489

As usual, you can check out more information and pictures on my blog and you can see all the inspiring #vintagepledge makes to date on Pinterest.

Remember, you can also be in with a chance of winning one of four awesome prizes, as long as you share your makes with me by 31 December 2014 on Twitter (#vintagepledge), through a comment on my blog, or by emailing me.

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1965 dress

By on December 3, 2014

voorWith the year almost over, I’ve decided to try and stick to my Vintage Pattern Sewing Pledge after all. I’ve just completed this dress, which means I’m halfway (to five…).


1965-2I made this dress using this design from the summer 1965 issue of the Frohne system. This was a German system of ‘enlarge to size’ patterns which was also sold here in the Netherlands. I’m showing it in this post.

Considering the obvious risks of such a system, I’m not at all disappointed with the result. I did make a muslin and lower the bust darts as a result.


The dress is one of those 1960’s designs which sits between the fitted, highly feminine shapes of the 1950’s and the quintessential waistless 1960’s mini’s. It’s a new shape for me and although it won’t make me forget the 1950’s, I like it.

There more about it here

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Vogue 5671 – my first #vintagepledge of five

By on August 31, 2014
Vogue 5671

Well hello there, it’s been nearly six months since I last posted here! Why do I remember this so precisely? Because back in February is when I shared my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge with you all. Heartwarmingly, well over 100 people have joined me and their inspiring progress is well-documented on my dedicated #vintagepledge Pinterest board!

Vogue 5671

As for me, I’m somewhat lagging behind on my five pledged makes, but at least I’m finally one down! I chose the rather stunning Vogue 5671 from my stash, but replaced the skirt with a fuller one from a modern pattern. I love the wiggle silhouette, but I definitely don’t feel confident enough in my shape to pull it off. I’m pretty smitten with the result though…despite the accidental 90s vibe attributed by my fabric choice!



Vogue 5671

You can see much more of my Vogue 5671 here and you can read about the pattern and its construction here. If you too need some motivation to sew up some of your vintage patterns, you have until the end of the year to join and complete the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge. If you’re on Twitter, make sure you stay up to date using #vintagepledge!

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