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A Tweed Skirt From a Vintage Sewing Pattern

By on November 6, 2017

The Bay Area Sewists met up at The Sewing Room (my Sewing School) a couple of weeks ago to talk with me about pattern measuring.  This is often a step overlooked by the home stitcher and I will admit that I fall prey to the impatience of just wanting to sew up and finish something without first making sure it will fit me. Case in point – This 1930’s skirt pattern.

Front Skirt


Back Skirt

So, this tweed version is my 3rd attempt at making this Vintage Pattern Lending Library style #T1047 skirt.  It’s labeled 30″ waist. The first time I sewed it up, I added 1″ to the pattern, overall, because my waist is 31″ and I figured that should be enough.  Well, as it turns out, that was not enough. and the skirt I made was much too small.

You might think I would have learned my lesson, but instead, I just cut out another skirt but added added several inches to the hips and waist, based on the garment I tried on before.  I wasn’t totally off base, and in fact, the skirt fits me pretty well, however now a little too big. Sadly, I never even changed the pattern. What was I thinking? no notes, no nothing.  Well, it did give me the opportunity to share this experience with you….If you would like to find out more about how I created this well fitting version using a more methodical process, head on over to my blog, where I go into more detail.

Until next time….Happy Sewing!

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50s inspired outfit

By on September 24, 2012

Yes! I finally finished something! My last finished project was over 3 months ago!

I made circle skirt using a cute printed cotton with a Delft Blue design. The fabric was in my stash for over 3 years. I bought it quit impulsively and didn’t now what to do with it. 

But when I was unpacking some of my moving boxes I came across it again and I suddenly knew what to do with it.

This drawing of a vintage sewing pattern envelope inspired me. I pinned it  a while ago at Pinterest. I haven’t thought about using a plaid fabric for a circle skirt before. I really like it!

My Delft Blue fabric could be used in the same way!

There are many different ways to draft a full cirlce skirt. I think it’s one of the most easiest skirts to draft. This time I used the instructions in one of my vintage sewing books.

Because I didn’t have enough fabric I made my skirt a bit shorter then the traditonal ones from the 50s. When sewing the skirt I get the idea of combining it with a 50s inspired blouse. 

 I used this picture from my Lutterloh 1954 pattern book to draft the pattern. I made piping to accentuate the yoke.

                        1                                                    2                                                       3

When I finish a sewing project, I put it on a dressform and show it to my boyfriend R. Most of the times he likes it, but this time he didnt. I thought it would be fun to mix diffrent kind of printed fabric with each other, but R. didn’t like it at all.

I started feeling abit unsure and decided to make pictures of the two combined but also making other combinations.

 What do you think, is this too much?

Which combo do you like the best? 

I’m still doubting…

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