vintage sewing pattern

It’s summer down here in Australia, so it felt like a good time to make Anne Adams 4705 (circa late 1940s/early 1950).                               My version is made from quilter’s cotton purchased at Spotlight last year, and took about 4m of trim. [...]


Hi guys! I recently completed McCall 6717 – who doesnt love a pretty 1940′s blouse? I’m trying to focus on the gaps in my wardrobe, and vintage clothing that I can wear to work is a must.                  My version uses viscose georgette, and it only took 1.25m [...]


This project is in honor of a turtle friend that I made last weekend (more details on my blog). I know that the color and geometric pattern on the dress is not an exact match to the turtle’s shell, but I associate the project with that turtle. Probably because of the yellow markings and the [...]