Today I will be showing you a variation on Burda Shift Dress 09/2012 #107 This variation turns the top into a 50s/60s shell style top with a cross back. You can use Burda 09/2012 #107 or Collette patterns Laurel as your base as we only need the front and part of the back of the pattern. If you have another [...]


As promised, I’ve written a detailed tutorial on how to make your very own bow belt on my blog like the one I made for my striped dress. Bow belts are so easy to make and can add that pretty little detail to any outfit to finish it off. They are also great for using [...]


I’ve just done a tutorial on hand sewing a headscarf to use for those vintage hairstyles. I’ve actually used the one featured in the tutorial already to keep my curlers in place when setting my hair. I’m a recent convert to the world of scarves. Not only (to quote jane austen) do they save a [...]


Hi Everyone! Here is my first ever tutorial – I thought I’d share here too but it’s over at my BLOG if you want to ask questions (I’ll answer quicker there). The pics are bigger there too since this format is narrower than my blog. Thanks!!  


I’m back! I haven’t posted since we were on blogger. Katherine’s done some brilliant work migrating us all over here, hasn’t she? Bravo. Finally, now, you can aggregate posts by author. I just looked through all my posts (63! Yowsers!) and the comments and got all overcome with the loveliness of the (We) Sew Retro [...]