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1956 Timeline…Simplicity 1688

By on January 24, 2012

Following on from Time and Again’s bathing suit pattern from 1947 and her timeline suggestion here is a skirt from the 1956 timeline slot aka Simplicity 1688.

I made this about two or three years ago and was my first venture into vintage patterns.I haven’t really worn it this winter as I seem to have evolved into wearing maxi skirts which I find more comfortable…and as you can see from the picture this skirt makes me look very dumpy and middle aged! It is a pity I don’t wear it more as the fabric used is a nice handwoven wool and the weaver does not supply the shop that I buy most of my new fabric from.I don’t know if that is just down to cost or whether he has gone out of business.I did think I might cut it up and make a bag out of it.The blouse is also from the 50’s and is Simplicty 4530.

The picture was taken last June as part of ┬áMe Made June 11 and was taken in a hurry… so forgive the washing hanging out on the line!

Both can be seen here and here.



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