I’m sure we’ve all seen those 1970′s patterns that imitate 1930′s and 1940′s lines, right?  Simplicity 6164, Simplicity 5844, Butterick 3174, Marian Martin 9327 . . . you get the picture.  Well, I decided it was time to turn the tables. Since I spent so much time and bother fitting 4727, I figure I might [...]


Hi again guys! I feel a bit spammy for the two posts within two days – sorry! Here’s my version of Gertie’s 1950′s-inspired Sundress, in an Alexander Henry quilter’s cotton (I think its called ‘Tattoo’). I know her pattern’s arn’t strictly vintage, but the styling is pretty close. I’ve made four of her design so far [...]


Introducing . . . the dress I meant to wear for the Fourth of July. At long last, I have something to show for my months of work, zillions of test muslins, and shameless pleas for help.  I believe I stated that I thought the pattern had been drafted by muskrats with drinking problems.  I [...]


I am such a doofus: I just realized that the illustration at the top of the We Sew Retro page represents the decades 1910′s through 1970′s. Doh! That said, has anyone else here attempted the sundress version of Simplicity 4727 (1943)? What were your results? I spent my evenings last week altering it down to [...]


So my New Years resolution was to make one thing a month for myself (and post it on here of course!). Unfortunately this is only my first post this year – which means that I have a little bit of catching up to do. I made this 1950′s inspired dress from some beautiful cotton fabric [...]