50′s Retro styled wiggle dress , V back neck, based on Burda Style 7178 I use a thick linen fabric . TheĀ  diamond pattern makes me choose theĀ  simplest design , model C : sleeveless , without collar .            


Oh how I adored this fabric when I first set my eyes on it! I couldn’t decide for months on which pattern would be better to use with my beloved flamingos. I finally decided to use another awesome vintage pattern reprint from Vogue – a v2961. The real awesomeness of this dress is that it [...]


As part of the sewing pattern review contest I sewed Style 2516. Dug out of the cupboard it was a little ripped and torn in places. But being very careful managed to cut out the pieces. I think I may have to trace off the pattern on something more sturdy. As its been a really [...]


it’s an obsession, and many of us have it: the clothes in downton abbey. i’m sure loads of you have been scouring the internet for thoughts on how you might get an exact look–or, if you’re like me, you’ve been collecting images and adapting them to patterns you’ve seen or may already own, modern and [...]