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Seventies-Does-Forties Blouses!

By on January 9, 2013

After my resolution post yesterday, several of you pointed out that separates might allow me to fit more vintage sewing into my decidedly non-vintage lifestyle. An idea so genius it’s no wonder I didn’t think of it myself. So I hauled out some fabric originally earmarked for dresses (dresses that weren’t going to get sewn or worn any time soon) and whipped up a couple of blouses. I used my go-to blouse pattern, Simplicity 7896 from 1977:

Simply by cutting the collar piece down, View 1 can work for just about any era. (I love the tie-collar version as well, it’s very ModCloth.) I realized after I made them that I should have cut the sleeve caps a bit higher, for a more Forties look, I’ll have to remember that for next time. (And the wide sleeve cuff would have been a no-no during the age of fabric rationing but it’s my favorite kind of sleeve so I kept it in.) This pattern is SO EASY to put together – I made one blouse yesterday and the other one today.

Blouse #1 with Windham ‘Feedsack’ fabric (you can have my novelty quilting prints when you pry them out of my cold, dead hands)


And Blouse #2 made from Kaufman ‘Betty Dear.’

I’ve got enough yardage left over that if I REALLY regret not making dresses, I should be able to make a skirt for a two-piece dress effect. In the meantime, these look GREAT with my thrift-store Forties-style denim trousers!

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