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Cheetah Mock Wrap Dress

By on March 13, 2012

When I was putting together my Spring/Summer plan involving this dress, I mistakenly referred to it as the Leopard Wrap Dress. Except it’s cheetah print, and the dress is a mock wrap! MY BAD.

Cheetah Wrap Dress
Whatever, I like it anyway 🙂

I used Simplicity 6268, which I believe is from the 70s (don’t have the envelope in front of me and I can’t find a copy online, so if anyone knows the exact date, please let me know!). The fabric is some class of poly – very drapey and does not wrinkle at all! It was given to me by my best friend’s grandmother after she cleaned out her sewing room – for all I know, it may be vintage as well 🙂

Cheetah Wrap Dress
I did not make any adjustments – the bust had enough ease so it fit fine. I did change the way the ties go on – instead of sewing 2 at the sides to tie in the back, I sewed them together to make one long tie and did not attach it to the dress. I think tying it in the front makes it look more like a wrap dress, plus, I can wear it with other belts if I feel so inclined 🙂

Cheetah Wrap Dress
Proof it’s not a wrap dress – there’s a zipper!

Cheetah Wrap Dress
I am really happy with how this dress turned out – really comfortable and fun to wear, and the pattern was super fast to make up! I think it’ll be a great transitional piece for upcoming seasons 🙂

As always, more info & pictures at my blog, lladybird.

Thanks for looking!

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