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Simplicity 2491

By on October 15, 2013

Simplicity 2491

This gorgeous dress, Simplicity 2491, has been languishing in my project basket since last summer, I’m so glad to have put in the time this month to tackle the fitting and finishing problems that were bothering me.  Nothing major, just enough for me to need to take a break and find some instant sewing gratification.

It all worked out really well, I found a perfect vintage style petticoat at an op shop, just what I needed to pull off the look!  I had a hard time with the side zipper, working with the full skirt and join at the waist, I had trouble keeping it all even and neat.  Do any of you clever sewers have any suggestions, helpful tutorials for zippers?  I’m ace at installing invisible zippers, but have a tricky time with lapped (or over lapped?) zippers.  I hand picked this one, but it still isn’t perfect.  Love to hear from you all.

As always, more photos and details on my blog, Mermaids Purse.

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1950s | Dresses

Sheet Sewing

By on July 2, 2013

This was one of those dresses that went from idea to cutting to finishing all in the same day. My baby sister (she’s 14 and I am … in my thirties) was visiting and we found out that one of the local boutiques was holding a 1950s themed event. I had plenty of things to choose from to wear but Molly needed something too! I used the Simplicity 3815 with V neck adaptation that I did last year – since I had to make this in one day (no time for alterations!) we just had her try on everything in my closet to find what fit! The 3815 is a good choice because it comes together VERY fast – it’s only four main pattern pieces plus two facings. Love it! We delved into my not inconsiderable fabric stash and came up with this vintage sheet to use for the project. The colors are great, and the best thing about those percale sheets is that you almost never need to iron them.

Here is Molly all styled with one of my crinoline petticoats and belt… a must for this style of dress. The one thing we weren’t too happy about were the sleeves, somehow the sleeve/shoulder area was sort of overbearing on her. Once she had the dress on we fiddled around with some pins and came up with a quick and easy fix that Molly is pleased with: a series of pleats along the seamline to rein in the excess material. Which I’m going to have to try on one of my own dresses soon!

It would take somebody pretty special to get me to violate my rule about sewing for others but my sister definitely rates a homemade dress! I think I have successfully recruited her to the Cult of Vintage now…


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Vintage Sewing

Daisy Sundress

By on March 20, 2012

Happy first day of spring, y’all!

Here’s my contribution – a daisy print sundress, made using Simplicity 8345 (can we consider 1996 “retro” yet? ACK I remember wearing this stuff the first time ’round… and I’m young!)

Daisy Sundress

It’s a very simple dress – princess seams, scalloped neckline, flared skirt. Right up my alley!

Daisy Sundress

Daisy Sundress
I just love that the scallops go all the way around the back 😀

The best part? This is a bedsheet! Cheeyeaaah!

Daisy Sundress

More info/pictures at my blog, LLADYBIRD.

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another ridiculous dress

By on November 10, 2011

i don’t know why i have this inability to make anything that isn’t silly lately, but here i go again– SAFARI DRESS!!!!

this is my honest attempt at making fall clothes. i don’t know if it’s a win or not, but i like it and at least it doesn’t have unicorns on it! i used simplicity 4982, which i have used a few times before. i really like this pattern and would reccomend it to anyone looking for a quick and easy dress you can crank out a billion at a time of.
the only thing i ever change on it is altering the darts (i always shorten darts about an inch so i don’t end up needing a bullet bra) and shortening the skirt since i am barely over 5 feet tall. oh yeah, and this time i added big ass pockets!
i’ve had what i am hoping is only the flu for about 2 weeks now, and making dresses has been the best distraction from my disgusting self so far! until i get better, expect more!
anywho, more on my blog like always


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