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The Conundrum

By on July 21, 2012

Help! I need thoughts other than my own! This pattern has proved to be one of the more challenging that I have sewn in awhile. Although in all fairness part of it might have been user error. The cutting on one layer so the bands were backwards, my fault. Bust darts being completely wrong, pattern fail! The drunk monkeys from this post: http://wesewretro.com/2012/07/advance-5971-pattern-woes-edition/ escaped into this one!

So after this and many other adventures I got it this far:

almost ready to wear

Looks pretty good  from where it started but

Maximum movement

This is as far as I can lift my arm and bend to pick something up. So…

I have learned that butterick patterns run small so all the seam allowances are out as far as they will go.  I would really like to keep the sleeves if it is possible.

Would adding an under arm gusset work? Any other ideas for relieving tightness in the sleeve and through the shoulders? Or would loosening the sleeves help with the back tightness?

I have sadly learned my lesson and all valuable dress fabrics will be made up in muslin before I cut into them. Thanks for the help in advance.

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