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My First Glamorous 50’s Rockabilly Pencil Skirt!

By on October 25, 2011

Hello,  here is the story of my pencil skirt that I have just finished.

I’m actually not sure what information is too much on here so I will keep it short and sweet and you can see the full story on my blog = http://buttonbunny.blogspot.com/

This is the practice one I made just to check the size before I cut up my best material!

This is the pattern I used, the size was actually spot on for measurements. I only had to make a couple of adjustments. One for hips, one for the actual length, as the shortest length was still a bit long and one for skirt width at the bottom.(I wanted it as 50’s glam as pos!)

One of two Aaagghh! moments. This one a seam ripper accident...


And the other was a mistake in the pinning of the waistband, I had to then make a bit to add on…

(for some reason the next photo keeps wanting to go to the top of the page so I can’t put the finished picture on)

But anyway, it turned out alright in the end. Please take a look at my blog to see the full story and more pictures!


Button Bunny x





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