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Lots of separates

By on January 18, 2013

Hi Everyone!
It’s been a while since I’ve been on We Sew Retro – and it’s not that I haven’t been sewing!



Here is a a whole bunch of 40’s separates I’ve made in the past couple of months. A fantastic 10 gore 40’s skirt and THREE blouses!  I think the 40’s were one of the most timeless eras of fashion – and I would say universally flattering too. Do you agree?

More pics on my blog: Kittysdrawings

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Water Lily 50’s

By on December 1, 2011

Here is a dress I just finished, and, I guess a tour of my bathroom.  I made the pattern for this myself from a dress I have from the 50’s.  It turned out pretty darn close to the original.  It was actually a pretty doable process if anyone is contemplating it, but it defintely helps to know what certain pieces should look like so you can get the right shape on the bust etc.  I love this fabric, and the colours are much brighter in real life. I have some better pictures on my blog.  I now also wish I had put on some makeup or worn one of those hipster animal masks. Ah well live and learn.

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