I love vintage playsuits, especially ones with qwirky novelty prints!

So I made up this playsuit in this darling crab print!

It’s a mish-mash of a 40s skirt, a 30s bolero and a modern blouse.

And it was perfect for my recent trip to Florida! :D

Do you love playsuits? I’ve got more photos over on my blog.

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Hi! Its me again. Okay, long story short, I made a playsuit/jumper/sunsuit. Its cute. See?



Slight problem though. Without the creative scrunching of fabric, well…

Its a box. A cute box but still.

Im an Apple shape and so if you put a box on a box its… well a box. From head on the playsuit is charming, probably due to the adorable heartshaped thing I’ve got going. But from the side the line from the , er… biggest point of my bust falls straight to the biggest point of my belly in a straight line. I need to emphasize my underbust line which is the smallest point of my body and keeps me from looking well…

Heres an image In Production which highlights the problem:



Any advice? I’ve played with darts but its not achieving the VaVaVOOM that I know I possess. (After all, I buy the bras lol)

I intend to wear it with a skirt and a bolero a La:



Thank you! (The post about the Playsuit)


My first post on this blog after admiring everyone’s work for the past year! I started sewing a year ago and everyone has really inspired me to reproduce vintage pieces. While most of you are probably experiencing a cold Christmas, I live in the Southern hemisphere and it is hot down under!

NoraFinds Vogue 5913

I got this lovely Vogue 5913 swimsuit pattern and thought it would make a really cute playsuit. The pattern is unprinted but the instruction is straight forward. I excluded the swim brief patterns for this playsuit, but actually doubled up on the shorts because I used a pretty thin cotton. So the shorts are lined by the same material and I just think it makes it a bit more sturdy. There was no need for me to adjust the material as the pattern was for swimwear so no bullet bra to be worn and hence no adjustment around the bust. The lengths of the bodice and the shorts are perfect too – lucky me!

NoraFinds Vogue 5913

I think the shorts could be a little longer for everyday playsuit but since this is intended for the beach I thought it was okay to be a little cheeky. For reference I’m only 5’5″ :) I have also recently made this again without the overskirt – still cute!

I also blog vintage (non-sewing stuff) here so do pop by if you fancy! Hope you like my first post – thanks!


Hello Sailor!!!

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in 1950s

This is one of my favorite playsuit patterns! Simplicity 1605.

This pattern can be used as a playsuit, or I’ve even made the top and shorts into separates.


I really fell in love with this fabric. Now, I must make a confession and let you know that this is outdoor fabric. Yes, the material you use to make lawn cushions. I will tell you, that it was quite comfortable. The only down side is that you MUST overlock it, and it needs to be dry cleaned.

My little helper, overseeing my project


Another aquatic outdoor material I fell in love with. I’m making a two piece playsuit out of it!


Such a comfortable and EASY pattern to sew!