Pauline Trigere Coat – Mc Calls 7520

By on November 28, 2014

Last spring, I was in a charity shop and I saw a coat for 2euro, I was amazed as the fabric quality was great, but the cut of the fabric was right from the 1980s and had humungous shoulders….. anyway I got it, and over the next few weeks bought some more coats from the bargain rail and it pretty much started me thinking on about – remaking/refashioning clothes, all the limitations of fast fashion, and the shocking amount of what ends up in charity shops – and my blog started from the coats really

mc call 7530This is the second of the 6 coats to get remade.  The first was the jacket from this pattern which I was very pleased with, so I thought the coat could be a good follow-up.  Making the coat was not as straightforward as the jacket, and I had to compromise on a few things (addition of cuff, and coat length), and the fabric quality was not as luscious as the last coat, and has also stitch marks left by patch pockets.  However, I did get to wear it, and like it (camel is not a colour I wear, and I am now converting – it looked great with jeans and black sweater)

before after copy


There are a 2  issues, the first is the previous patch pockets left some marks which I hope will ease in time, and I will re-steam the coat in a few weeks and they may lessen.  The second issue is I notice the fabric absorbed some water from being splashed when I wore it out, and the water soaked immediately, and dried within 20 minutes.  For the 20 minutes – the splash marks looked like grease marks and the coat looked grubby (and I didn’t feel quite so classy in my new coat).  I don’t know if the coat had some detergent used on it at some time to make it so absorbent, or if camel wool does this (which I doubt) – so I am now considering spraying some scotch-guard and seeing if this will help!


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pauline trigere dress/dresses Mc Calls 7530

By on October 3, 2014

the more pauline trigere clothes I see, the bigger a fan I am, so I was delighted when I saw this on etsy, and in a size 34.  I thought I would give a go at the dress first, but as I am trying to make up these vintage patterns by upcycling, getting the sufficient amount of fabric wasn’t that straightforward, especially as the bodice takes a lot fabric than expected (its especially wide at bust).

McCalls 7530

I made 2 versions, the first one in orange was made to envelope size so I could get a sense of what the full design was like, and the second one in blue I made bigger in the skirt as I am a classic pear.  the blue fabric was so light it had to be starched, and both dresses have short underskirts but I think the gathers are awful on the blue dress (so I dont know if its the starch, the underskirt, or just excessive gathers).  It fits fine but the gathers are too much, and I am thinking of trying some soft tucks instead, but figure I should leave it for a while, and maybe a fresh look at it in a few weeks, the fit of the bodice is divine, and only 2 darts…..more at my blog 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApauline trigere mc calls 7530


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