party dress

Glitz, glamour and silly headpieces, that’s what! My home town Stockholm, Sweden, is blessed with a great burlesque club, Fräulein Frauke Presents, housed in one of the city’s classic dance palaces with quite the bad reputation back in the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s. Their annual New Year’s masquerade is the perfect  opportunity to break your [...]


Having more genuine vintage fabric than anyone individual should have I have a creative juices overload so seek the expert guidance of you all dear readers of WeSewRetro! A new purchase to my collection, this delicious 1950′s crepe is even better in the ‘flesh’. (Purchased here) Now I do a storm in cushion families BUT [...]


Have you ever seen the 1968 Peter Sellers movie “The Party”? It’s a slapstick comedy set at the party of a Hollywood director. What starts out as a sophisticated dinner party soon turns into an overblown rave with drunk waiters, pools turned into giant bubble baths and a painted baby elephant! It’s rather fun and [...]


I used this pattern to make a party dress for a one year old. The older patterns certainly used more fabric.  Look at this layout. Detailed finishing inside.  Nice! And the finished dress And two sunsuits from the same pattern


For a Valentine’s night out, I made this party dress from velvet print taffeta and Butterick B5556  1955 reprint. It was crazy fun to wear. Full skirts are the best! See more on my blog.