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By on May 20, 2013

It’s been a long time, well ive actually made something wearable but unfortunately its not for me its for my boyf as a valentines prezzie awww. <3
I used kwik sew 3506 i cut a medium it was massive i took in a couple of inches. the most annoying bit was the facings-i get mixed up with them alot left right front back confusion. as it was valentines and i wanted to put my stamp on it, i tried to stitch I <3 U on the inner pocket flap.
does anyone know of a good book to help the drafting of muslins, converting measurements to drafted clothing? and not hating the fabrics i have thats a big problem for me. but i feel newly inspired by all the gorgeous pieces that you ladies are creating 🙂

hope to see you all soon

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Attention Sewing Men. Women, Stop Reading.

By on April 29, 2012

Whenever I’ve gotten hold of a men’s pattern, I’ve just put it in a pile and ignored it (much like I treat other people’s children).

Generally there is not much of a market for men’s vintage patterns and any plans of sewing for my husband have melted into the ether when he has failed to show the appropriate amount of enthusiasm for the idea. (By “appropriate amount of enthusiasm” I mean “an almost incontinent level of excitement accompanied by a parade of elephants”)

Today, during a fruitful bout of studying-avoidance, I glanced over at that pile and said “No more. Something must be done.”

We’re lucky to have some seamsters (like Kyle and Mainelydad) here at WeSewRetro but there’s always room for more, and in the spirit of encouraging more vintage sewing blokes, any manperson who wants these patterns can have one, some or all of them for zero dollars. Gratis. Free of charge.

Ladies, not you. Girl parts act as a disqualifier for this. But you can do your part to beef up vintage sewing’s collection of Y chromosomes by sharing this post with any male sewing types you know.

Click the thumbnail to zoom in for a better look.

The guy in the bottom left of Simplicity 6284 is just stone cold, isn’t he.

Note that there are two duplicates – Kwik Sew 1140 and the supremely Star Trek-y Simplicity 7889 – so if you want either of those you’ve got to tell me a size.

Let me know which ones you want by either emailing me or leaving a comment below. If the ones you want are still available, I’ll email you to get a mailing address and, bish bash bosh, they’ll be on their way.

Of course, nothing in life is truly free so while there are no strings attached, you can expect to feel an itchy, debilitating guilt*/lice infestation* (*delete as applicable depending on whether you have a conscience or not) if you don’t post one of the things you make from your pattern windfall.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated in this. All the patterns disappeared quickly and there are now no more left. It was such a success that I’m sure I’ll be doing it again soon, so subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out 🙂

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The Austringer

By on April 9, 2012



Hello you all! Long time no see.

Meet my friend Jean-Louis the Austringer (meaning he hunts with eagles). He is modeling a year old blue Chilean eagle (who doesn’t hunt) and the vest I made for him.

Though the vest was made with Burda’s Jason pattern, which is not really a retro pattern, Jean-Louis and I were heavily inspired by early 20th century explorers and adventurers and from Nigel Cabourn’s famous Peak Lapel vests except we went for a shawl collar. It’s made with thrifted John G Hardy tweed and handcrafted hunt buttons. The buttonholes were corded with gimp for a neat and durable finish.


If you would like to see the full thread, hop on over my home where I obsessed about this vest for almost 4 months.



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