McCall’s 9722

You may have heard that we’ve been celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee here in Britain, and while everyone has been going crazy with the Union Jacks and bunting, I decided to be a bit different with my London version of McCall’s 9722.

McCall's 9722

McCall's 9722, circa 1954

And here’s my version, made out of some fabric I found in a fabric shop in Amsterdam, of all places! I think it’s meant for interiors or upholstery, as it’s a touch heavier than average skirt fabric, but it worked perfectly as a skirt.

London Skirt

My London Skirt

London skirt

The skirt was really easy to make, because it’s just one piece with clever pleats and darts at the waist – I practically finished it in one night!

Pattern Detail

Skirt pattern, bottom right

Here are some close up’s – the ingenious pleating at the waist:

Jubilee skirt

Close up of the clever pleats


The zip at the center back; I put it in by hand:

Jubilee skirt


And finally, a close up of the fabric:

London fabric

Detail of the London Fabric

Check out how we celebrated on the big day over at