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Vintage Paisley Print Halter Neck Maxi Dress

By on October 5, 2013

This 1970s Maudella pattern (5800) was a joy to make.  The instructions were really straightforward and it took just one (rainy) afternoon to make up.

I did cheat with the fastenings, the cross-over straps are supposed to have buttonholes but I’m never made any before so I cheated and used press studs – but if my talented sewing friend has time off soon I ‘ll ask for a tutorial and finish it off properly.

The groovy paisley print 1960s fabric was given to me.

Happily, we had a warm day yesterday so I was able to wear it.







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My Maudella ‘cheat’ top…

By on July 13, 2012
The blue top but printy...
And matching ribbon around the arm holes....

Hi, I have just an hour or so ago finished this top. It is a Maudella 5123 from I think the 50’s (?) Anyway I thought it would only take a couple of sewing sessions and it did because I Cheated! It was supposed to have a side zip and I tacked one in then unpicked it and stitched up the side seam beacause I could fit the top on over my head. It was also supossed to have short sleeves but I didn’t put them in because I decided I liked it without, and it was supposed to have a neck facing which I left out because I was feeling too lazy to put it in and just made a very small hem instead! The other thing I cheated on was the bust size I was going to be really good and alter the pattern using a method I had just learnt of… http://www.nancyzieman.com/blog/sewing-general/sewing-and-quilting-questions-answers%E2%80%94choosing-the-right-sewing-pattern-size/
But instead I just stitched in another dart. The pattern pieces were only marked with dots and the instructions were rather sparse.The material I chose … I had never really been a fan of animal prints, avoiding them feeling they were a bit busty, blousy barmaid for me (visions of Bet Lynch!) Anyway recently they have been growing on me (not literally!) and so I bought this one and Suprise I l.ike it and think it actually looks rather fetching on me!
I have put more pictures on my blog, here… http://buttonbunny.blogspot.co.uk/

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Maudella 1223, vintage button wrap skirt

By on March 20, 2012
maudella 1223 pattern

maudella 1223 pattern

button detail

side view

skirt front viewOne of the quickest skirts ever, if you don’t include hand sewing the buttons on! I think the pattern is 1960s, cant find a date as usual but I think its absolutely timeless in any case. I have had this on my project list for quite some time. Dont know what I was waiting for really. It came together in just an evening. I used cotton sateen which has a little bit of stretch so its really comfy but I didn’t line it which was a huge mistake as it sticks to my tights as I walk! Was going to unpick waisband and line at a later date but the general concensus seems to be ‘get a slip’!
I pondered with making size adjustments at the start as I thought it might be a little big around the hips but to be honest, the button placement solves the issue of an inch or two!
I like how this skirt can be dressed for work or play and I’m sure I won’t stop at just the one!
Full blog over atooobop!

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