Mad Men Challenge: Betty Inspired Dress

By on April 22, 2013

I ventured out of my comfort zone for my first ever pencil skirt and first time using printed fabric for the Mad Men Challenge. I used McCall’s 6449, and it was nearly perfect.

I was terribly nervous nothing was going to fit, but it fits me exactly. I did make a tiny inch extension in the waist and I nipped the neckline in with 4 darts so it wouldn’t be off the shoulder.

I was incredibly careful lining up the pattern because I was afraid flowers would be laid in places where they shouldn’t be. The boyfriend was a huge help, probably more for his peace of mind than mine.

It’s also my first vent! This was probably the hardest part because the instructions were vaguely written out so I had to consult quite a few blogs and tutorials, but generally I think it turned out well. Apparently vents have a habit of ripping so hopefully that doesn’t happen.

You can check out more photos and the whole, long post here.

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