Hi everybody! I wanted to share with you the last bra that I made, it’s a 30s inspired bra, a friend asked me if I could sew a pointy bra for her and I was thrilled with that idea. There are many pictures of the step by step in my blog.     [...]


I love this kitchy vintage pattern, burda re-issue 7109. A loose fitting top with bloomers! I used a silk cotton blend with yellow flowers which is super soft, but very sheer! I underlined just the front of the top with a cotton voile. It goes perfectly with my feather slippers! see more on my blog [...]


As part of the Show Off Your Skivvies Challenge, I made a pair of French knickers and a matching pajama top. I got both patterns from Vera Venus, but I mixed genres somewhat. The knickers are based on 1940s patterns and the top is from the 1930s. I love the patterns but I cut them [...]


Okay, Ladies! Let’s talk brassieres! The more vintage sewing I do, the more I hate my bras. The grapefruit shaped T shirt bra just looks all wrong. So, here’s the $64,000 question. What sort of shape do you prefer under your vintage style clothes? Do you go all out for the torpedo shaped bullet bra [...]


As a three-time cancer survivor, my mom has had more than her share of challenges.  This year, I’m especially happy to give her a pair of hand-made pajamas – her favorite garment – for Mothers’ Day.  Since she grew up in the 1950′s, this terrific vintage pattern was the perfect find: I chose View 3, [...]


This is my wedding gift for my sister-in-law. I used a John Kloss pattern, Butterick 6373 :   I will definitely try again this pattern, this time for me. More details here.


Happy New Year everyone! I picked up this pattern after the usual disappointing trip to the lingerie shop where I could find absolutely nothing that was even remotely friendly to hypersensitive skin. Unlike the gorgeous lingerie that everyone here posts, I made a very plain and simple bra. But it is very skin friendly. Here [...]


I’ve been drooling over Mrs. Depew’s “Sexy Ladies” patterns for a while now, and when my last store-bought bra finally met its demise just in time for “Black Friday”, I knew it was a sign to pick up Mrs. Depew’s 1940′s French Bra Pattern #2014 during her after Thanksgiving sale.    From the moment I [...]


I have been hugely inspired by all the pant-making activity in blogworld recently and decided to hop on board that bandwagon. The pattern is care of Burda Style magazine, issue 01/12 from their Lovely Lingerie section. And the fabric I used is 100% stretch silk. The pattern pieces are dead easy to work with but [...]


Hello everyone!  I’m wondering if anyone has the instructions that they would share for McCall’s 8744. I had gotten this pattern in a lot on ebay, but there aren’t any instructions.  I know I can figure it out myself, but I’m not really in the mood to, nor have the time with the kids!    [...]