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Two vintage machines

By on October 31, 2011

I thought I’d share my recent acquisitions with you all. I know many of you also have an interest in vintage machines and use them regularly.

My boyfriend recently started work at the local rubbish tip, and saved these two from being thrown in the scrap metal skip as a surprise for me.

Excuse the fuzzy photo, I didn’t notice the child-size fingerprints on my lense until later!

The cream one is a Frister & Rossmann, probably dating from the 50s (?), and the other is a Jones’ Family C.S. (cylindrical shuttle): both are hand cranked, with treadle capability. I’m concentrating on one machine at a time, and have been working with the Jones’ first.

It came with it’s original manual (in a slightly sorry state) and attachments box full of goodies:

Manual and attachments box

The decal on the shoulder has “As supplied to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra” around the crest, which dates it to around 1910.

Shoulder decal detail

For more photos and details, visit my full post here. I’ll be tackling the Frister and Rossmann later this week.

This makes it up to four sewing machines I own, all vintage (the youngest is almost 50 years old).

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