full skirt

Hey ya’ll)))) Here’s my sad-funny story about a dress. This one was made this February. Some years ago Mom gave me a huge ammount of old fabric. My guess is it was made in USSR, because it smells mad feels exactly like red pioneer scarf I used to wear at school (yep, I’m old enough [...]


I started sewing this skirt several years ago after purchasing the pattern from the Decades of Style web site. They have reproduction vintage/retro patterns, although they don’t seem to have this pattern for sale any longer. I bought some gorgeous black and white charmeuse striped fabric and thought it would be a¬†terrific statement look with [...]


I didn’t wait until the very last minute, I promise. I actually finished these a few weeks ago but am a very lax blogger! My girls and I of course needed new holiday dresses – they have grown, and I have acquired a crinoline petticoat. I had gobs and gobs of Sheri Berry 12 Joys [...]